As a traditional publication system, Subscription/Toll Access Policy urges libraries, researchers, and education institutions to pay subscriptions in order to gain access to their published material. Until recently, Toll Access Policy was the only way for scholars to update themselves on advancements and novelties in science. Likewise, scientific journal publishers followed similar policy to cover their costs. This policy only favoured those who could afford the staggering subscription fees. Even the wealthiest academic centres limit their subscription budgets that can cover only a fraction of the research literature. Others were unable to access the material and keep up with latest developments. Open access policy has today created great international impact with its worldwide research paper visibility. Peer reviews, on the other hand, help open access journals maintain high standards and the latest information of published works.

You may subscribe to AIAC journals and/or news letter as an individual or for your organization. This section provides information related to subscription issues and ordering hardcopies of AIAC journals.

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