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Scholars planning to create a compilation of chapters in a related area are invited to publish their edited book with AIAC.

Edited Books Manuscript Guidelines
Chapters (with their body, figures, tables, and references) make up the actual content of the book. They may be research papers, concept papers, or literature reviews. Editors may wish to group chapters together in different parts.

Book Chapter Content
Each chapter in an edited book should follow the order below:

  • Title
  • Author(s) and Affiliation(s)
  • Abstract and Keywords
  • Body divided into sections by clear, short, and numbered headings or subheadings (including the tables and figures inserted in the text)
  • Acknowledgements
  • Appendices
  • References (For further information, please refer to the references section below)

Book Chapter Manuscript Requirements

In different sections of each chapter the following points should be noted:

In no more than 250 words, the abstract should embrace the purpose, methodology (if applicable),
findings, research limitations/implications (if applicable), practical implications (if applicable), and
social implications.
The abstract is followed by a minimum of six keywords covering the main topics of the chapter.

Direct Quotations
When you are quoting directly, please state the author’s name, publication year, and page number (or paragraph number for non-paginated material) of the cited material. The source should be cite in parentheses at the end of the quotation.

Footnotes and Endnotes
Please try to avoid footnote or endnote. Endnotes are preferred. Please use consecutive superscript numbers outside punctuations to identify the endnotes in the text by and list them at the end of the paper before the references.

Figures, Tables and Illustrations
Tables, figures, and illustrations should be complete, numbered, labeled, and clear (regarding their content and quality).
Please avoid inserting the tables as graphic elements copied and pasted from other applications (like SPSS). Tables should be typed.
If you wish any part of the paper to be printed in colour, you should state it in a cover letter while submitting the paper.
Please send the illustrations or figures in separate files.
The files may be in any of the following formats:

• tiff or jpg format for figures originally designed in Photoshop (Halftones - 300/600 dpi, linetone - 600 dpi, Lineart -1000 dpi)
• ai, eps, wmf or svg format for figures designed in Adobe Illustrator
• cdr, wpg, wmf or cmx format for figures designed in CorelDraw
• cdx or chm format for figures developed in Chemdraw
• doc or xls or ppt format for figures designed in MS Word or MS Excel or MS Powerpoint, respectively.

Figures that have been designed in any other applications should be copied from their original files and pasted into a new MS Word document. These figures can, alternatively, be exported to any of the formats listed above.

Special Symbols or Characters
Please use the facilities of the program itself (e.g., the equation editor of MS Word, or LaTeX for mathematics) to produce the linguistic/mathematics characters in the file.
Please avoid punctuating equation numberings and citations.
Italicize the single letter variables and constants.

Please make sure all references cited in the body of the paper is supplied as a reference list.
Please follow APA 6th Edition reference style.

Appendices should follow the reference list. They should be named as ‘Appendix A’, ‘Appendix B’, etc.

Two of the most common materials that require permissions from the publishers, editors, and/or creators of those materials include instruments (if they are going to appear in the paper) and illustrations. Before submitting an article, permissions to use these materials should be obtained by the author to avoid any delays in publication.

Publication fee of AUD$150.00 is charged for publishing a book. Editors or authors who wish to order a hardcopy of their submitted theses are requested to visit AIAC Store at AIAC's Store at LuLu Press Inc.

When the final version is accepted for publication, editors should submit it in MS Word Format to AIAC at: [email protected]

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