In AIAC, we provide three fundamental services as follows:

  1. We help scholars share their ideas.
  2. We financially help students interested in becoming key scholars of the future.
  3. We aid creative commercializable research proposals.


AIAC provides a podium for scholars to share knowledge. Our intention is to provide a high caliber platform in which scholars share their new concepts, research findings, and critical views. This happens through various channels like AIAC journals, conferences, seminars, symposiums, workshops, competitions, etc.


AIAC is a non-profitable centre. All the money produced by AIAC will eventually be spent on developing academia. However, we are beyond a charity organization. A part of the financial benefits made by AIAC go to students from all over the world. These financial aids:

  • Are provided for students of excellent educational standing. We expect the recipient to return the financial aid to the Golden Heart Account once s/he has reached a stage that allows him/her to do so. Therefore, (i) the recipients are tested, (ii) their educational profiles are reviewed, and (iii) they are interviewed before they are provided with any financial aids to ensure the money will start to return to the Golden Heart Account after a few years.
  • Are provided to individuals that are unable to further their education on their own.
  • Are nondenominational. The receiver does not have to be of a particular religion, nationality or race to be eligible for aid.
  • Are blocked once the recipient fails to have good-standing at the academic centre where s/he has chosen to be educated.
  • Should be returned once the recipient is able to return it. The recipients’ qualifications will be given to them only after the full amount has returned to the Golden Heart Account to be used for other eligible candidates.
  • Does not have to be returned if the recipient is unable to complete the course for medical reasons.


Providing financial support for research projects is the other service provided by our centre. The proposals that stand a higher chance of winning these research grants are expected to:

  • To produce high quality papers.
  • To be commercialized.
  • To return the financial aid after being commercialized and capable of returning it to the Golden Heart Account.
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