AIAC is a worldwide knowledge and research seeker and information spreader. We aim to assemble academics, scholars, students and experts in social sciences and life sciences and help their work become globally accessible and appreciated. AIAC is an open access publisher making all publications free and accessible to all readers. Authors retain their copyrights but allow readers to download, view and use articles if they are rightfully acknowledged along with the source.

Our main goal is to circulate the science awareness and overall research while providing our journals FREE of charge for interested readers.

The benefits for authors who decide to participate with AIAC start at user friendly webpage and simplified sign-in procedure. We take pride in smooth publishing procedure with easy steps, guidance by a professional publishing process agent, great international impact and worldwide visibility of papers, peer reviewed publications, high standards practiced in every step of the way. AIAC is a trusted name.

Please note that AIAC publishes only original papers that are not under review in any other journals or that have not yet been published, thus maintaining up-to-date information and high standards of quality of each and every publication. We strongly believe it is the only way we can remain competitive in the same time providing more views and downloads which means greater citations for authors. The publications are available for free view and download to all readers, but authors remain in possession of all intellectual property rights.







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