AIAC publishes academic works, including journals, theses, edited books, proceedings. AIAC publications follow the Open Access publishing system, in which anyone can unlimitedly and instantly access all of the full text content with no pay-per-view fees. However, processing fees are charged from authors who publish with us.

All the materials published by AIAC must go through peer review process. The process of peer review is organized by the managing editors of AIAC Journals. Once peer review has been completed, the author(s) of the article modify their submission following the reviewers' comments. The process is sometimes repeated until the editor/reviewers are satisfied, and only then is the material published.

The top advantage of publishing with AIAC is that AIAC authors support the AIAC Golden Account that finances the world’s hidden talent and creative research projects in addition to getting their work published. AIAC also takes pride in its smooth publishing procedure which includes only a few user friendly steps. Its simplified sign-up form takes only a few seconds to complete. Additionally, AIAC is very proud of the trusted veteran open access experts who make the difference.

In a few words, AIAC's benefits include:

  • Innovative charitable activities
  • User-friendly sing-up procedure
  • Free access to publications for all
  • High standard publications
  • Skilled and trusted international editorial board
  • Guided publishing process
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • High visibility and impact of papers

It should be highlighted that AIAC publishes only original submissions not under review by other publishers and works that have not been previously published, which we believe is the right way to compete. AIAC highly values integrity and quality which are the two most important factors that can attract more views and downloads and that can boost author citations to a great extent.


AIAC publishes several academic journals in a variety of areas. Originality of the published material is strongly emphasized in our journals. It is highly expected that authors making submission to AIAC journals avoid plagiarism. AIAC Journals follow the American Psychological Association (APA) style. They publish different types of papers including regular research papers, review articles, and short communications.

A thesis is an original contribution to knowledge which should be made available for the outside world. You may publish your PhD, MA, or MSc thesis with AIAC.

Edited Books
A book is a work that is often published once, but it can be revised and republished, each revision being considered a new edition of the same book. More specifically, an edited book is one that is divided into chapters, each of which is written by a different author or group of authors. Edited books are valuable in that the individual chapters are generally authored by specialists. Sometimes the chapters are originally published as journal articles, and are reprinted because of their enduring importance. In other cases, authors may be asked to review differing perspectives and state their points of view on a single topic.

AIAC publishes proceedings for conferences, symposiums, workshops, and similar events, in both print and electronic formats. We are interested in proceedings proposals from conference organizers.

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